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Installing the roofing shingles properly

After the proper preparation of the roofing deck, that includes replacing the rotted wood, installation of dripedges, ice & water, roof paper and stack vent.

Then we can proceed with the shingles installation but this should follow or exceed the manufacture requirement of a minimum of six nails per shingles.

We install a minimum of seven nails per shingles and for homes located near the beaches or in high areas with high winds embattlement  we follow the hurricane code and install between eight and ten nails per shingles.

  1. -we install the shingles ( waived or interlock ) over the valleys that guarantee a permanent seal in the area, when the shingles are cut over the valley after few years the seal break and during windy and rainy days or during the winter ice formation the water back up and leaks through the valley that have been cut, never allow your roofer contractor to cut the shingles on the valleys.

  2. -Shingles around chimney and dormer must be installed interlocked with step flashing like you can see in the picture below.

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Important steps that need to be follow 
for a proper shingles installationSetting_up_the_roofing_job.html

The shingles must be nailed with a minimum of six nails but we install between seven and eight nails per shingles, the nails are installed as you see on the picture below and keeping the safe area without nails  to allow the safe installation of the next shingle on the top without the  risk of a leak through a nails near the seam.
the chimney shingles are installed interlocked with step flashing.safety_harness.html

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Nails Installation

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KAC. Construction, Tel. (401)837-6730 / Roofer contractor Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Conneticutt and New Hampshire.