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KAC. Construction is a roofing company that provide one of the highest and most complete roofing service in New England.

We are more than a roofing company, we are more than a roofer contractor,we feel passion for our job and every roofing project that we install is our best project, we focus in provided the best roofing installation in the new england roofing industry.

Our roof replacement service go beyond the simple roof shingles installation, we provide a quality service that start at the moment that you call for a free estimate and different from other roofer contractors, we inform the customers with all the information that they need to become into roofing expert.

As a roofing expert, the customer will be able to demand a quality roofing installation from the roofer contractor,  regardless the roofer contractor that you hire, we provide you with all the tools that you need to know how to demand a quality roofing job.

Our successful  experience working with big condominium associations like Riverfarm Condos Association and Oakcrest Village Condominium Association gave us the opportunity to learn how to handle and coordinate condominium roofing projects successfully, without disturbing the peace of the condos owners and completing the projects in record time.

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Condominium Roofer Contractor in Rhode Island

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Storm Damages  -  roof repair - chimney repointing - shingles installation - insurance claims - infrared leaks detection

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KAC. Construction, Tel. (401) 837-6730

Roofing, Vinyl Siding, Gutter and window replacement Contractor In Rhode Island, Ma, CT and NH.

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Home Roofing  -  Condos  -  Siding  -  Gutter  -  Windows  -  Pictures  -  projects  -  FAQ

Storm Damages  -  roof repair - chimney repointing - shingles installation - insurance claims - infrared leaks detection

Cities that we Service
Providence  -  Cranston  -  Pawtucket  -  Woonsocket  -  Lincoln  -  Narragansett  -  Westerly  -  Warwick   
 West Warwick  -  Coventry  -  Hope  -  Rumford  -  Smithfield  -  North Smithfield  -  Johnston  -  Scituate   
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 East Providence  -  Richmond  -  Central Falls  -  Cumberland  -  East side  -  North Providence  -  tiverton 
   Portsmouth  -  Wakefield  -  Manville  -  Glocester  -  attleboro  -  woorcester  -  Springfield  -  Boston 

customers & Projects
Hmonh Church  -  Riverfarm Condos  -  Mohamed  -  Esther Williams

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KAC. Construction
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Home Roofing  -  Condos  -  Siding  -  Gutter  -  Windows  -  Pictures  -  projects  -  FAQ

Storm Damages  -  roof repair - chimney repointing - shingles installation - insurance claims - infrared leaks detection

Be careful with unscrupulous contractors
Unfortunately every year there is few unscrupulous people that move around cities with ridiculous low roofing prices that seems to be a deal that you cannot reject, they usually want to rush you into the business before you can realize they true intentions. 

But the true is this unscrupulous people that are far away from been a honest contractor, they are sacrificing the  roofing quality to offer you a ridiculous low price, resulting in a roof job that don’t meet the even the minimum requirement from the manufacture to be able to honor the roofing warrantee and don’t follow most of the city and state roofing codes.
Most of times the unscrupulous contractor don’t replaced the rooted wood either the lead flashing around chimney, they do not install ridge vent and never install the Ice and water so critical and important for a quality roofing job.

Be very careful that when they install ice and water the omit the eaves, valleys and chimney, installing the ice and water only over the gutter and some times they even cut the ice and water in have giving your property only eighteen (18) inches of protection.

The result is always the same, in the roofing industry you get what you pay, the unreasonable and incredible low price is a scam, the job is never performed with the required quality, when you realize about  the terrible job that you received or when you notice a leak, this unscrupulous roofing contractor never return your phone call and never honor the roofing warrantee, sometimes they don’t even are any more in business or they have changed they telephone number.

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KAC. Construction, Tel. (401)837-6730 / Roofer contractor Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Conneticutt and New Hampshire.